Meet the new OverDrive

The easiest, fastest way to reading happiness from your library.

Your new OverDrive experience offers simple, yet powerful tools designed to deliver the eBooks and audiobooks you want and help you discover new content you'll love from your local libary. Here are some of the new features you'll find

Auto-complete Search

The new OverDrive experience offers auto-complete searches to connect you with authors, titles or series quickly and accurately. Search your library's complete collection, sorted by subject, in just one click.


If you place a hold on a title that is not currently available, you’ll be provided recommendations of available titles to read while you wait.

Fast, Simple User Experience

Your new OverDrive experience has been designed so that you're always one click away from the books you want. Before you borrow a book, read a sample and see similar content.

Experience a better way to read.

Focused search filters

When viewing search results, you can filter using specific categories, genres and if the book is currently available.

Adjustable lending periods

You can adjust the lending period of each checkout before borrowing right at the details page.

More options for signing in

You can sign into new OverDrive library websites with your library card, OverDrive account or Facebook. Connect all of your library cards to one account for easy access.

Customized experience

Select your standard lending periods, checkout options, and content maturity level. Also, choose to browse the website using the Dyslexic font and high contrast options.

What's available right now

Title availability is clear and visible, so you'll always know what books are ready to be checked out and enjoyed immediately.

See the new experience


Disclaimer: Content and features are determined by the library. Contact your library help desk if you have any questions regarding their OverDrive digital library.

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